自渡 —— Magyann2024春夏时装发布会




2023年10月14日下午13:30,Magyann2024春夏时装发布会在上海新天地太平湖公园开启,发布会以“自渡”为主题,主理人兼设计师Maggie Yan带领她的设计团队让我们见证了一段精彩纷呈的时装表演。

这一场秀从Maggie Yan本人的经历和23年伊始感受到大家情绪转变中获取方向,从Art Deco 装饰艺术中获取设计灵感。在细节上结合了Art Deco中常常出现的几何线条,同时加入了新中式的元素,把更多的空间留给色彩,将经典与年轻汇集在一场秀中,让我们切身感受了一场带着时间和情绪变化双向跨度的旅程。




Magyann Spring Summer 2024 ,Titled “自渡”


That means everyone has a cross to bear, so one must bear it by himself. “自渡” is a gradual process, there is no one who can fully define or describe it. It can not be captured, but for all your efforts, there’s a trace.

Join us on October 14th, At 01:30 pm, in Taipinghu Park ,Xintiandi, Shanghai for a fashion extravaganza featuring the “自渡” theme!  Witness the artistry of the renowned Maggie Yan ,Chief Executive Officer and Chief Designer of Magyann.

Inspired by Maggie Yan’s personal experience, Art Deco patterns and the dynamic world of fashion, We create a new harmony between geometric lines appeared in many Art Deco style patterns and new Chinese elements. It is necessary to leave more space for colors, they can create a classic and youthful energy in the atmospheres. Be part of this exclusive event, where fashion aficionados, trendsetters, and enthusiasts come together to celebrate innovation and individuality.

There is much more to see when peaking behind the dramatic curtain. To serve as a prelude, a touch of blue will unlock its doors for our souls, the colors, styles, design details and fabrics will be showcased through a series of changes, slowly tell a story about the contradiction between freedom and rules. We think the rules may have began with good intentions, but they actually aren’t that helpful. They lead to fashion myths that can smother any sense of personal style. Fashion should be about wearing what you like and what makes you feel good, and that shouldn’t come with a set of guidelines. A great outfit can be something classic and trendy, but it can also be something unique and wild.

The new season of Magyann not only retains the black, white, gray, and earth tone colors which go with everything, but also adds the “Dopamine” colors which has been popular in the past two years.  In addition to maintaining Magyann’s original flavor, such as silhouette, pleats, top stitching, etc., we aslo add more fashion prints, new Chinese elements, and silhouettes, logical develop in style and enlarge age span without compromising the holistic harmonious of Magyann.

Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you. What Magyann want to express is that everyone can get happiness even from a striking dress or a set of fashion accessories. Some people go to the sea, some go to the mountains, both are good scenery.You are free to choose your own path. Follow your inner guidance to create a new life and a new world, that is the soul of  “自渡”.


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